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September 28, 2013
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ZERO--00: GRACE EVELYN by golden-essence ZERO--00: GRACE EVELYN by golden-essence

[n a m e]


[d . o . b .]


[a g e]


[g e n d e r]


[h e i g h t]


[o c c u p a t i o n]


[z o n e]


[d e m o n i c  w e a p o n]


Grace’s abilities are simple but effective, her claws and her gloves can grow to twice their original size and are considered to be very lethal. At a close range she can easily administer heavy blows to her enemies in a single swipe. However, the larger her gloves get the heavier they are and the slower Grace becomes. Her powers may be very controlled and powerful but they are slow and fast moving foes could easily evade her movements.
[p e r s o n a l i t y]


[ Thoughtful, Soft Spoken, Kind, Modest, Empathetic ] || [ Meek, Indecisive, Passive, Sheltered, Cautious ]

Grace is a very quiet person despite her attempts at reaching out to others. Being as soft spoken and meek as she is she has trouble articulating herself and is more often than not overlooked by her peers. Despite having little social skills Grace has started to make attempts at growing closer to others.

She finds it hard to approach others and second guesses her words constantly, causing her to stammer or jumble up her own sentences in the process of speaking. Her opinions are easily swayed and she has trouble with making up her mind as she unconsciously tries to form herself into whatever her peer’s desire may be. 

Grace could be considered flaky or even fake in many instances due to the fact that her opinions change on a whim. However, she is far from that when she feels as though she can trust someone. When Grace feels close to another she tells them everything she thinks even if it’s somewhat half heartedly. 

At the heart of it all, Grace just wants to please others and be loved though because of that she can easily be dragged into toxic relationships. She cannot tell the difference between a manipulating, abusive relationship and a normal one despite constant counseling and therapy. Grace, being weak willed and constantly fearing rejection, rarely complains about anything. She will do almost anything without a second thought if
she is asked.

One of the more positive things about Grace is her vast amount of empathy and compassion towards others. She can easily connect to another’s feelings and she easily becomes attached to the person in need. Putting their own feelings above her own she would selflessly devote herself to fixing whatever problem was at hand.

[h i s t o r y]

All good things must come to an end, but all bad things can continue forever...”

-Thorton Wilder

Grace may not remember it but at one point she was extroverted and loud, filled to the brim with energy and positively exhausting to be around. She was a normal child, bright, bubbly and overflowing with confidence. Her mother and father loved her more than anything and in return she loved them equally as much. There was almost nothing that could stop them from spending time with her and doting upon her when she was a toddler, everything was about Grace and Grace was curious about everything. 

As tragedy’s do, her mother’s car wreck changed everything. The collision looked less like a collision and more like a mass of metal ripped apart and thrown across the highway. Grace was “lucky to have survived” the news reports said but she felt far from lucky. One of the few memories from Grace’s childhood was the smell of gasoline and the sounds of a woman’s screams. They were told the other driver died upon impact and that he’d been heavily intoxicated, they said that Grace was lucky she came out with only a broken bone and a scar or two. No one was supposed to have survived that crash, the news reports said.

The Grace that had been in the car with her mother did die, at least the unbridled spirit with the cheeky grin did. Her body lived on, of course, but she was never quite the same. Her father could barely get a word out of her after that, her eyes were always fixated on whatever object was closest by. She never questioned anymore, she never asked “please may I” or “can we go”, it became quiet affirmation that Grace’s personality had died too. 

The loss had taken it’s toll on her father as well and he eventually tired of trying to pull his child out from the hole she’d buried herself in. He shipped her off to therapies for rehabilitation as he himself chose work and booze to distract himself. However, that too was still a lonely road and Grace was left with sitters and nannies as he looked for affection elsewhere. Namely her dad found his own home in bars, on dates, with women where he could pass the time without thinking about his absent hearted daughter or his late wife.

Grace had no way to forget though and no escape from the nagging loneliness. She tried to attach herself to the nurses or nannies but they never stayed long, they weren’t permanent. The only thing that had become permanent in Grace’s life was solitude and death. When Grace confided in her therapist about just how lonely she was it, came as no surprise. The therapist then spoke with her father and suggested he spend more time with her and her father grudgingly obliged. Her father loved her but his schedule had become tight, in between drinking and work and women he saw little room for Grace.

Saturdays before therapy were specifically designated for her from then on. They’d go out to eat and they’d get in a few words before he had a car drive her to therapy and then back home. Her life became looking forward to Saturday mornings and dreading the rest of the week.
The routine was like clockwork. Time passed on slowly and almost agonizingly so for Grace and therapy seemed at a constant standstill. Despite the time set aside from her, Grace’s depression and isolation from her peers escalated rapidly. She requested to be homeschooled and despite her therapist strongly suggesting against it, her father gave into her. At home, Grace became absorbed in an online world. Even online, her social skills were sub par despite her gaming ability.

Her life of loneliness abruptly ended at her father’s second marriage. The woman was much younger than him and Grace took a liking to her rather early on. Charismatic and overflowing with energy, Grace couldn’t help but cling to her. Like a moth to the flame, Grace became very close to her stepmother.

The loneliness was subsided by her constant presence and overwhelming warmth. For a few years, even her father was a large part of her life. The trips to therapy still remained just between her and her father but every other day was spent between the three of them. Her father promised her that she’d never feel the same loneliness she felt before ever again.

The playboy lifestyle was something that Grace’s father enjoyed greatly though and it became apparent overtime he had not mended his ways. A few years into the marriage he began “working late at the office” and it grew more and more frequent as months went on. Even their early morning breakfasts on Saturdays became a casualty of his new “work schedule.”

Grace stared helplessly as her once fairytale family was now breaking apart once again. Helplessly she watched as her stepmother became less charming and more manipulating and resentful. She began to use Grace to lash out at her father, rigging therapy sessions by coaching Grace beforehand as to what to say. Signs of depression and anxiety continued to increase but still, her father remained unavailable.
Grace’s stepmother grew increasingly impatient and came up with a plan to get back at her husband using Grace. After all, Grace was considered an unstable member of society and moreover she could hardly be held accountable for her actions. She convinced Grace that her father needed to be punished and furthermore she “helped” her come up with a plan as to do it. 

The plan was simple, Grace would wave an unloaded gun at her father repeating how he lied and how nothing had changed. The idea was simple, to blame it on mental instability and to have her father feel guilty enough to mend his ways. Grace was eager, some might even say desperate for things to return to how they were. For a little bit, Grace had the life she'd always dreamed of. 

The plan terrified her, she never wanted to scare her father. However as kind as she was, Grace wanted nothing more than to be accepted by the people around her. She could see the look of disdain on her stepmother's face when she began to protest and so she gave in with a lopsided smile. He wasn't supposed to get hurt it was okay, right?

 However that Saturday, unbeknownst to Grace as she made preparations, her father decided to take her out that morning as he had before to make it up to her.

It was an accident really, Grace who was trying to unload the gun had done a clumsy job. In reality though the magazine looked empty, she’d missed one bullet.  Her hands fumbled and when she heard her father’s voice calling, questioning her she fired a shot. 

She screamed, waking the neighbors and the maids in her house as she crawled over. The police reports read that Grace was in a catatonic state, just holding her hands over her father’s wounds to apply pressure. Otherwise she wasn’t speaking, she wasn’t responding. She just stared agape up at them when they asked her questions, mutely motioning at the gun and then looking back at her father as she cried. 
When questioned later when she was "stabilized" Grace blubbered out the whole story and how it had transpired. The words came out of her mouth before she could stop herself.

No one blamed her and everyone believed her, in correlation with her therapy sessions a mental break seemed almost inevitable for her. She was given a more strict therapy schedule due to her actions and the fact that she was just a few months from being a legal adult. Her stepmom however was found guilty of conspiracy to murder and Grace’s lonely life resumed once more.

[l i k e s / d i s l i k e s]


+ Animals (Cats the most)
+ Movies
+ Music
+ Candy
+ Breakfast
+ Online games


- Cars
- Alcohol
- Guns
- Swearing
- Crying
- Herself

[e t c]


- Grace owns five cats that she speaks to regularly, she often takes pictures of them to show others.
- Grace is a big fan of the amusement park though she hasn’t been since she was very little, she always dreams of going with a group of friends.
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